MicroSolar Energy

Microsolar Energy Pty Ltd was established in 2010. A group of formal military engineers joined together, designed and manufactured one of the best solar panel mounting systems in the world. Now Microsolar Energy Pty Ltd is the industrial leader in manufacturing solar panel mounting system. All products are designed in Australia, and fully compliant with industrial standards. We are working around the clock to bring out high quality and user friendly products to help reduce installation time and cost.

Our products well address the needs of domestic, community, commercial and utilityscale customers. Microsolar Energy Pty Ltd has its own factory in China, and quality control team personally monitor the production line closely to make sure all our products meet the highest quality standard. And that’s how we can keep the price down yet not compromise the quality. Microsolar Energy is working closely with all our strategic business partners and distributors.

There are so many advantages for choosing Microsolar Energy’s products. Our products are thoughtfully designed in Australia and has 10 years warranty back-up by an Australian company; The mounting system is of high grade metal and continuously upgraded; We are experienced in servicing large installation companies in Australia, by providing domestic and in-time engineering solution when needed; The well organized warehouse and nationwide logistics arrangement will surely help lower your warehousing cost. Short delivery time particularly suits customers with offices across Australia.

In 2012, Microsolar Energy has come out with its new accomplishment the ground mounting system with an unbeatable price, and WIFI inverters. Unlike the others, we have a team of professional engineers who are looking after our products and clients every day. We also design specific solutions for many of the major projects throughout Australia, and many installers with unusual installation conditions. Our mission is to make renewable energy more affordable.

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