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the safest solar mounting systems

EzQuik™ M roof top mounting system series is designed by local engineer in accordance with Australian Standards. The advantages of this mature product are obvious; the installers does not need to worry about the earthing jobs, it is also the only system within Australia with an internal earthing function. The EzQuik™ M system series are suitable for Building Codes of Australia.
With Solar Mounting Systems, there is nothing more important than the fasteners. To meet the Building Code of Australia, our system fasteners, bolts and nuts are made with stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel.

When it comes to solar ground mounting system, the focus should always be on efficiency and accuracy. MSS offers a wide range of solar ground mounting systems. From a small backyard installation upto utility-scale projects, MSS always has the right solution for you. The whole system is made of high quality carbon steel and strong aluminium extrusion to ensure fulfilment of the Australian Standard on wind action AS1170.2. Its safty margin is twice as much as some other mounting systems on the market. Besides that, specifically designed patent tools are in place to help you fasttrack your installtion and improve accuracy. Installation time could reduced to one third of what it normally be. And the larger the system, the more time saving you are going to have.

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